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Maxine & Family!


This beautiful garden belongs to Maxine and husband where they live with their children in Randpark Ridge. We started with the area by the pool, where 3 big palm were lifting the paving and had to be taken out, there we planted roses and lolly pops with ground-covers and jasmine creeping at the back. On the other side of the garden we took out existing boring and overgrown greenery and filled it with colour all around, leaving the corner of this L shape flowers bed in pure white as a contrast to the sides.



Before and After

Here you can have a peep at some of the many beautiful gardens, entrances and sacred  spaces that I've been fortunate enough to create over the years.

As you can see there is a before and one or some after pictures that hopefully will help you to see how with "sometimes not so much" that special spot can just change so much.


The ones you see here are in: Melrose, Parkhurst, Sandton, Saxonwold, Parkmore, Morningside, Melville, Hurlingham, Petervale, Paulshoff, Midrand,  Lonehill, Blaigworie,  Observatory, Greenside, Craighall Park, Northworld, Benmore Gardens, Bryanston, Parkview, Kyalami and , Parktown Norh and Woodmead.


I'm so very grateful and indebted to all of you that have trusted me with your homes and those special places of your life.


From your comments you seem to be enjoying them as much as I did when they were done.





Gardening with Dedication !



Ruben & Tracey - Rietvlei  "A clean canvas, every artist dream"

Ruben and Tracy approached me last year to assist them in building their garden in the house that they had newly built. They live in a huge property South of Johannesburg on the side of the mountains. The area were the garden was supposed to go is on the incline and after having everything into account and seeing how the water gushes down with the storms, I told them that the only way to achieve a garden was by creating some form of retention walls, like layers of different garden beds in order to retain the water better. Ruben accomplished that magnificently and once that was done could proceed to create the garden that you see for them. Such an honour and privilege to have been able to do that for them.   These photos don't really make justice to this amazing place.

Tracey & Ruben  (14).jpg
Ruben & Tracey  (8).jpg
Tracey & Ruben  (13).jpg
Tracey & Ruben  (11).jpg
Ruben & Tracey  (3).jpg
Tracey & Ruben  (1).jpg
Tracey & Ruben  (2).jpg
Ruben & Tracey  (9) - Copy.jpg
Tracey & Ruben  (8).jpg
Tracey & Ruben  (7).jpg
Tracey & Ruben  (4).jpg



Gorgeous Benmore Gardens House 

A wonderful family and their 3 dogs live in this property. Although Tina is a keen gardener somehow their garden was out of hand and she didn't seem to be able to get it right. I first saw it in August and the after images you looking at are in December. Sometimes you can create a lot in a short time, with good planning.  


Benmore Gardens.jpg


​​ Westcliff 

 Judith has an amazing house in Westcliff with and endless garden. When I first met them, Judith & garden, it had been sort of abandoned and was a bit run down. Slowly we have been working in it and it is becoming and absolute joy not only for the family living there & Frankie but for friends and family who visit as well.

​This garden has been opened by "Open Gardens of the Golden City" in October 2019 


Westcliff (5).jpg
Westcliff (15).jpg
Westcliff (6).jpg
Westcliff (7).jpg
Westcliff (4).jpg
Westcliff (17).jpg
Westcliff (1).jpg
Westcliff (8).jpg
Westcliff (2).jpg
Westcliff (14).jpg
Westcliff (13).jpg
Westcliff (12).jpg
Westcliff (11).jpg
Westcliff (10).jpg


Gallo Manor 

A stunning family home in Gallo Manor with an impressive size garden, in much need of a good clearance, to start with and then design it with tons of colorful flowers as the lady loves bright big colorful plants.

Gallo Manor  (22).jpg
Gallo Manor  (1).jpg
Gallo Manor  (7).jpg
Gallo Manor  (12).jpg
Gallo Manor  (16).jpg
Gallo Manor  (17).jpg
Gallo Manor  (9).jpg
Gallo Manor  (6).jpg
Gallo Manor  (21).jpg
Gallo Manor  (11).jpg
Athol  (18).jpg
Athol  (14).jpg


​​ Athol - Tennis Court  

 This had been something obviously going very wrong.  The lovely family living here had converted an unused tennis court in more garden space and they also wanted a veggie garden as they enjoyed fresh vegetable fruits in the morning.

When I was called in to see what could be done, it was quite a shlock as you can imagine from the images here, they  didn't want anything terribly flowery and busy, something streamlined, elegant and practical.  And this is what I came up with. 

Athol  (15).jpg
Athol  (17).jpg
Athol  (22).jpg
Athol  (13).jpg
Athol  (21).jpg
Athol  (19).jpg

Stunning property belonging to a wonderful family, it is not a huge garden but enough to have color and beautiful plants which is what the lady enjoy, as well as a courtyard filled with stunning pots.

Fatima (2).jpg
Fatima (1).jpg
Fatima (3).jpg
Fatima (4).jpg



This is a collage of a nproperties that either in ful or some section have been transformed. 

To give you an idea of how sometimes a small change can create a very big difference in your garden. 


Every property is as unique as their owners so they all need to be looked at and treated in a very unique and individual way. 



Donegal  (4).jpg
Donegal  (2).jpg
Donegal 5.jpg
Donegal  (1).jpg
Donegal  (3).jpg
Safeera (2).jpg
Safeera (1).jpg
Villa Carrara.jpg
Villa Carrara  (2).webp
Villa Carrara  (1).webp
P'town North  (2).jpg
P'town North  (1).jpg


Parktown North 

This is a very exquisite with just a few houses complex in Parktown North, newly developed. Sometimes I wonder what developers are thinking about when they do the gardens in those places.


This house in Saxonwold belongs to a dear client of mine who has just moved in at the end of 2022, I had previously already done her garden in the previous property,

Saxonwold  (1).jpg
Saxonwold  (11).jpg
Saxonwold  (12).jpg
Saxonwold  (2).jpg
Saxonwold  (9).jpg
Saxonwold  (7).jpg
Saxonwold  (8).jpg
Saxonwold  (5).jpg
Saxonwold  (10).jpg


  Doveton House in Parktown 

  From its earliest days the elegant 21 Doveton Road has been home to many a prominent Johannesburg family and its distinguished residents.

  Harry Clayton is believed to be the most likely architect of 21 Doveton Road but sadly the original plans for the home have not been found

  I have been fortunate enough to have been able to redo the gardens of this magnificent property before it opened to the public. 

  It is my most favourite garden and one on which I keep a close eye and maintain regularly. There is always something happening at Doveton House Gardens!     Don't miss it.

     Doveton House in Parktown 

     This garden was open to the public on October 15 & 16! It was a great success & we hope to repeat it soon.

​     Garden & Home Magazine - January 2017 issue; features this garden and its maintenance secrets

     Garden & Home Magazine - March 2023 issue; displays photos & ideas of this magnificent vegetable garden & roses




 Salma, approached me to help her with her garden in Parkview. It had been left a bit to its own doing, and consequently needed quite a bit of attention. A good clearing of all ov                         overgrown was the first task, and then we created a braai and sitting area among the trees for the whole family to enjoy.

Parkview  (3).jpg
Parkview  (1).jpg
Parkview  (8).JPG
Parkview  (4).jpg
Parkview  (5).jpg
Parkview  (7).jpg
Parkview  (6).jpg
After (2)_edited.jpg

Saxonwold family home

 THis absolutely stunning family home with a big corner stand garden and endless possibilities, had been left for to long to its own devices since the person helping to maintain it could not do so anymore. A garden with endless possibilities' to make it stunning again, quite a bit of clearing and cutting back, clearing and all of that needed to be done, but once got a clear picture of what I was going to do, it wast a pleasure to be able to work in it, and make it the joy that it is today for all the family. 

Saxonwold  (13).jpg
Saxonwold  (2).jpg
Saxonwold  (7).jpg
Saxonwold  (9).jpg
Saxonwold  (3).jpg
Saxonwold  (12).jpg
Saxonwold  (11).jpg
Saxonwold  (5).jpg
Saxonwold  (10).jpg
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