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Gardens & Flowers and Belinda are specialized and unique garden designers.


The company is operated by Belinda who works with the assistance of the person in charge of the garden she creates training that individual at the same time as the work is taking place. In this unique way you avoid unknown and unwanted workers into your property.


Your garden is a long time investment and consequently you want a good design with an overview of what different trees & plants are likely to do to. Ideally you also want a design that enhances your home architecture and incorporates your likes as well as looking at a long time approach to it, in order to make it as cost effective and manageable as possible. These and other aspects are where our expertise and experience come into play. 


They specialize in providing an individual and unique service like no other in the industry, transforming your garden is meant to be enjoyable & fun. 


Every client is evaluated individually and then quoted on what would work best for that individual home or business.


The service provided, consists on evaluation, plant acquisition, design, implementation as well as maintenance.

Maintenance is the most important factor to carry on enjoying your garden. Regular visits and maintenance work will ensure that what has been created  gives you the long term enjoyment and peace of mind that you expect from your garden.  


My plantings are selected to provide the client with four season interest and are carefully placed within the design for optimal health and beauty. 


I believe that every one of us is a Unique Individual, and at such have unique needs and likes, this if the way in which I conduct my business, evaluating all your needs, likes and wants then creating something just for you, your family or your business.



Underneath here is a brief description of the services that I can offer you.







  All services are charged on a consultation basis.

  This allows you, the customer, flexibility in planning your garden budget, the       implementation can be             done     in phases.

   The structure of the consultation is guided by your needs.

   The services are available to Corporate and private clients on the same terms.

  • No lengthy/endless contracts to be paid!

  • No huge outlays of money that don't suit you!

  • No strings attached!

Please feel free to contact me for further information or to get a quote.

No job is too big or too small…and it could cost far less than you think!!!


  • Garden Planning                                                            

  • Herb Gardens

  • Rose Gardens

  • Pot Plants

  • Gift Vouchers​ 

  • Hanging Baskets

  • Indoor Plants

  • Pruning

  • Flower Arranging



Gardening with Passion !

I think one could write forever about planning a Garden.

I love beautiful gardens that are filled with colour and fragrance.

What I would like to offer you is my expertise and knowledge in planning and designing your garden. While I will be there to assist, I feel that the choice in colours and plants should ultimately be yours, as you, together with your loved ones, friends, business associates or neighbours, are the ones who are going to enjoy and be proud of the end result.

Discover a whole new passion that will fulfill your life with endless wonder for years to come.

Herbs are great fun to grow indoors. They're the perfect companion for the curious cook who isn't afraid to take a few chances. Just like garden plants, herbs are versatile and can be grown in dozens of ways.  They flourish in pots, window boxes or hanging baskets. They can be used as ground covers, trimmed into hedges or naturalized in a wild garden. 
Several of the most popular Herbs, such as Chives, Mint, Basil, Coriander, Marigold, Parsley, and Sage are very easy to grow.  Marigold will repel cabbage moth, Chives has a very pretty flower and will dry well, and Mint will take over you garden if allowed. 
Herbs give us delicious food flavourings, powerful fragrances and remedies for various illnesses.

0A (8).jpg

Hanging baskets liven up porches, entrance ways and just about anywhere you hang them, whether they are in your garden or home, or maybe your shop to attract the perfect clientele!
There are many styles of hanging baskets from the ones made out of different  moss, to the twig and moss to the ones lined with coco fiber. But then you can also step outside the box when choosing a container. Look around the house. The container for a plant arrangement can be as crazy as a tin bucket, bird cage or grandpa's old boot!
We can create hanging baskets for the different seasons. Some of the small bulbs grow beautifully in baskets. Verbena, Lobelia, Alyssum and Million Bells also do well in baskets, giving a spectacular array of colour and textures. We could even  use herbs such as Thyme, Oregano, Rosemary and Lavender.
Let’s together create something that you will treasure and everybody else will admire…..

Indoor plants are an interesting way to create unique spaces inside the home giving it a sense of home and welcome. And not only your home but also your office or work space.
They improve the appearance and purify the air, improve employees and family morale as well reduces stress.
Colourful Azaleas or Cyclamens need lots of light, whereas Peace  lilies require medium light. Spider plants or ferns are happy in low light, not forgetting the pretty African Violets that so prolifically grow in kitchen windows.
And if you choose a variety that thrives in humid conditions you can add colour and purify your bathroom air.
I’ll be only too delighted to assist you in your choosing to suit your personal space.

Garden Design/Planning 

Fatima 2022.jpg

Hanging Baskets


Herb Gardens


Indoor Plants


Rose Gardens


Pot Plants 

I’ve always told everybody that a garden without Roses is not a garden…..
Growing roses really requires no gardening skills or experience. It’s a question of choosing the right rose for your space, make sure that they are in full sun and water regularly.
 Voila!!! Your Rose Garden has begun.
Then there are a few bits and pieces that you should know to keep them healthy and happy, and will happily share those with you.

There are different rose types, from Floribundas to Hybrid Tea to Grandiflora, not forgetting the miniature roses so perfect for containers. As far as I am concerned they are all absolutely exquisite. One type may be more appropriate than other, depending  on what you want to do with them.
It can sometimes take years for roses to reach mature sizes, but I do feel they, unlike many other garden plants give so much more. Not many plants bloom as much and as long as roses.


Containers allow you to garden where there's no ground to till, brightening up the patios, porches, decks, and stoops where we linger on long summer days. Pairing up pots and plants in pleasing compositions, you can even work in perennials, grasses, and dwarf evergreen shrubs to provide year-round interest. Best of all, container gardens are close-up delights. They invite you to slow down, notice the details, and savor the scents. Here's how to pot up some gems.

Gardening in pots and containers gives you the ability to ensure great soil as well as to move your garden with the sun.​
Maybe the best feature of container gardening is the ability to create a whole new garden with very little effort.

Container gardens look best when the plants are in balance with the container. Look for ones in a style that suits your home. Classical urns look great on stone patios or flanking the front entry of a formal house, while clean-lined geometric shapes complement modern settings.









Flower Arranging

All trees, shrubs and flowers need to be pruned in order to keep them healthy and shaped.
Since they are all unique and individual this needs to be done at different times of the year, though we mainly prune our shrubs and flowers at the beginning of spring and once the chances of frost are over, otherwise we have the risk of losing some of our plants to a late black frost.
This is not too difficult providing you have the right tools and some idea of what you are about to embark. I shall be glad to assist you with this job.
Roses have to be pruned quite a bit once a year to maintain strong, healthy and vigorous plants that will produce larger flowers with strong stems. This should be done in South Africa around mid July. A smaller pruning is always convenient around mid January to keep plants in a pleasing shape and blooming longer.

Flowers are an essential part of the celebration of life, they herald many an occasion, from births to the ones we bring to a loved ones grave.
They are also used to enhance venues for different functions.
In my flower arrangements I am keen on reproducing mainly what I can see in Nature, using only fresh flowers for my arrangements. I believe that Mother Nature truly supplies everything we need without having to use artificial aids.
I like big armfuls of freshly cut flowers for my floral arrangements; they emanate that unique smell that only nature knows how to make.


Please visit our sister company Nostalgia Flowers specializing  in flower arrangements for all occasions. Let me know if you would like me to help you with that special intimate dinner for two to a wedding!

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